Becoming Legendeer

Legendeer has grown from a small part, to a big part of my life over the past 3(ish) years. I remember at some point in a few years ago my friend Staffan sharing a link with me, a link to a website created by Sterling Hundley, who was engaging people in this thing called legendeer. It was a bit beyond my understanding, at first I didn't think it was geared towards me, but the basis of what I gathered is that it was getting artists outside into nature, for their sanity, for their health and for their art.

I haphazardly followed along the prompts, but never really engaged.

Then a few months later I was traveling Norway, and I found out two days too late, that Sterling was exhibiting his work and hosting a legendeer workshop in Oslo. But the days didn't match up for me and I continued on my solo adventure across the country. Fast forward to 2015, I am on a flight to San Fransisco, about to meet a bunch of other artists who also found Legendeer and to go camping with them in Yosemite for a week.

That was a week that turned my world upside down. I saw what immersed, dedicated and intentional art looked like (Barron Story, Vanessa Lemen, Adam Paquette, and Andrew Hem to name a few).

(Barron Story's Sketchbook)

And I felt what it was like to be outside from morning until night. We hiked and sketched and talked each day, and slept just enough to do it again the next.

(Photos from Yosemite)

In the solitude of the woods and in the conversation around the campfire, I dissected myself, my thoughts and beliefs, and I let go of what I thought I wanted. And I flew back home wild and empty.

(My legendeer Sketchbook)

For a week I cringed to be inside, contained by walls and cities. I was open and blank like a raw canvas ready to be painted. But I barely knew what I wanted to be. I felt chaotic and unrecognizable to the people around me. But never so close to the wild one inside me.

And what did the wild one ask for? Home.

Give me home. Give me walls. Give me a space to create. I had plans to go back to school that fall. But it felt so wrong. It wasn't what I needed.

So I found a studio and I started working. Slowly.

Direction would come and go, but I picked away at a path and projects.

I fell in love, and then the next year I fell into a home.

Now it is 2016, I have more roots than my nomadic heart ever expected I would at this point in my life.

And it was only a few weeks ago that I was in Calgary for my second Legendeer. But perhaps that is another post for another time...

#legendeer #sketchbook #introspection #discovery

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